Are you looking for an office moving company in London?

Fair Price Movers will save your day by giving quality office moving services. With 15 years of work experience, we know how to ensure your safe removal and packing.

What do We offer as an Office Moving Company?

We know about the commercial obligations and protection of your goods and for that purpose, we ensure maximum efficiency with minimum disruption.

Here are some guiding facts about Fair Price Movers that you must know before moving your office.

  • We can help in the relocation of several companies ranging from a one-man office to a large size company.
  • We provide relocation, removal, storage, and packing services locally.
  • Our business and IT relocation services are fully planned and well insured.
  • We have well-trained personnel that will help you in moving your office with greater care and expertise.
  • We offer special packaging materials at affordable rates that will help you to transfer your documentations and IT with great ease.
  • Our modern fleet of vans and trucks will ensure the safety of your products with no waste of time.
  • Our expert team will get in touch with you from the start to better know about your business and its objectives.
  • We offer a fully equipped storage facility that can store your IT and other office goods with great care.
  • We can ensure transparency by allowing you to keep an eye on all of your items.
  • We are also well aware of emergencies like Covid-19 and safeguarding your health is also our priority. For this, we strictly follow the WHO recommended SOPs.

How to Get our Office Moving Company Services?

We will guide you step by step to ensure the proper moving of your office. Follow the simple steps:

  • Contact our team and get an appointment. We will conduct a survey remotely or try to visit your place at your convenience.
  • Get a free, no-obligation quote from us.
  • Provide us with your personal information, pick-up and delivery detailed information. It will help us in analyzing and arranging your storage and packing requirements.
  • Give us a list of all the necessary items like furniture, electrical goods, and documents. By this, we can come with all the tools and gadgets; necessary for dismantling and assembling your items to a new place.

When all gets set, our office moving company will be at your office site on the exact date and time. We will ensure the safe packing and loading of your items from the old office. Not only this, but our experts will also unload and assemble your products and other items with great care at the new place.

Our Specialty

  • We do not compromise on customer’s satisfaction and the quality of our services.
  • Before moving your office, we offer a complete plan and survey your office belongings. Our surveyors will check out those IT and appliances needed to be dismantled. This will save your time and energy too on the day of moving.
  • Our plans and services are fully insured with a proper liability policy.
  • We ensure the secrecy and safety of your documentations.
  • No need to worry about crate hires or transport of heavy loads. Our experts know how to manage removals and relocations.
  • We come with all tools and gadgets appropriate for your appliances and furniture dismantling.
  • We can disconnect your IT by; taking into account its necessity to be relocated under the supervision of our experts.

Tips for Office Moving

Here are some tips as a bonus for you that will make your move easy.

  • Start planning your move as early as possible.
  • Allocate your budget to avoid irrelevant extras.
  • Communicate your move to external and internal parties i.e., to a moving company and to your employees too.
  • Take care of IT by taking on board your company technical team too.
  • Make a checklist for all the stuff.

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